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What are the Most Absorbent Dish Towels

Dish towels are one of the most important and commonly used items you can find in a kitchen. They are especially useful and needed by those who wash their dishes by hand, but they can also be used for plenty of other things if they are high in quality and made from the right materials.

Since dish towels are such a simple product, the materials used in them make all the difference. Craftsmanship and stitching methods matter as well, but the heart of the dish towel is what it’s made of. So, what material is best for making the most absorbent dish towels?

Linen Kitchen Towel

Before we get to that, let’s first examine what dish towels are, and how they can benefit you in the kitchen.

What are Dish Towels Used For

The answer to this question is rather obvious, but there is a bit more to it.

Dish towels are indeed used to both wash and dry dishes. While many homes have dishwashers, there are still plenty that don’t and possible even more homes where people like to hand wash their dishes. This can be due to owning fragile dishes that aren’t dishwasher safe, or simply on account of other preferences.

Regardless of the reason, dish towels make the task much easier. First of all, the towel can be used as the actual cleaning device for the dishes. Once the dishes are clean, a separate dish towel is used to dry the dishes off.

This requires that the towel have a high level of absorbency. Thinner, less absorbent towels end up barely soaking up any of the water at all, making the drying process a long one. Dish towels with the proper level of absorbency get the job done much quicker, and cut down on how many towels you’ll need to use in one sitting.

Other Uses

Dish towels are intended for doing dishes, but they can also double as a general kitchen towel. This allows them to be incredibly versatile in their capabilities, making them one of the handiest products you can have in your kitchen. Here’s a few examples of what else they can do.

Drying Counters, Cutting Boards, and Cleaning Spills

Dish towels are meant to be absorbent, so they are perfectly capable of handling cleaning tasks and drying up any liquids from cooking, prep work, or accidental spills.

Cleaning Kitchen Counter

The size and absorbency can be quite useful when preparing food in your kitchen. Dish towels can be used to wipe a messy cutting board clean, soak up a spilt glass of water, and to clean up all the messes that are bound to occur when you are cooking.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a chef in a professional kitchen setting without at least a few kitchen towels within arm’s reach.

Drying Hands

Hey, it’s a towel after all, right? Dish towels make for the perfect hand towel when used in the kitchen. Hang a dish towel anywhere near your sink, and you’ll always have a hand towel ready when you need it.


Things can get a little hectic in the kitchen at times, especially when you are baking or dealing with hot dishes. You may not always have time to find a potholder or oven mitt, but a quality dish towel can get the job done if you are in a pinch.

Simply fold the dish towel up into a few layers, and you are good to handle baking dishes, hot plates, and whatever else may be too hot to handle with your bare hands.

Drying Off Produce

Vegetables, herbs, and fruits must always be rinsed off before being prepped for cooking or consumed. Dish towels can help you when you are in a hurry to dry them off.  You can choose to pat them down with the towel, or wrap them up inside and gently squeeze out excess moisture.

What Materials Are Used in Making Dish Towels

Dish towels are available in several material options, but these three choices are the most common ones that you’ll encounter when in the market for new dish towels.

Drying Hands with Kitchen Towel


Linen is a natural material made from the flax plant. It’s been used to make towels of all types for years, although it’s hard to see why at times.

Linen isn’t as soft as cotton, and tends to wick moisture away rather than absorb it. If you’ve used linen towels in the kitchen, you’ve probably noticed that while they do soak up some liquid, they really just end up moving it around.

Linen may be just a bit more durable than cotton, but it’s not the best choice when being used as a dish towel.

Cotton/Linen Mix

Some manufacturers have opted to mix cotton and linen together, trying to essentially combine the best features of the two materials. This is a noble idea, but you’re still left with a dish towel that is part linen, and thus partly inadequate to soak up moisture.


Cotton is the softest of the two materials by far, and also the most absorbent. While cotton may not be naturally as tough as linen, cotton dish towels that are tightly-woven and stitched well can hold up just as well.

The main purpose of dish towels is to absorb moisture, so cotton is the obvious choice when it comes to the ideal towel material.

The Homemakers Dish 100% Cotton Dish Towels

We created our dish towels to provide the most absorbency that you can find on the market. We use quality, 100% cotton that is dense, soft, and absorbent, while also woven tightly to add durability and longevity to the towel, even after repeated washings and use.

Cleaning Glass with Grey Kitchen Towel


You’ll find our dish towels to be a great benefit when drying dishes, or any other use you have for them. While they are soft and absorbent enough to be dish towels, they are also large and durable enough to be used as a kitchen towel, making them incredibly versatile.

We also happen to love the way they look, and know you will as well. Each towel is white with a vintage-styled striping pattern that comes available in five different colors. These towels look great in any kitchen!

Experience our superior cotton dish towels for yourself. With our towels, you’ll get the job done faster, and have longer lasting towels that will provide years of use.  You can have your very own set of four dish towels in the color of your choice in the mail and en route to your doorstep in just a matter of minutes. Order yours today!

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