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Why You Shouldn’t Use Cheap Hand Towels

If you have a kitchen, you almost certainly have a hand towel hanging somewhere. Whether it’s hanging from an oven door handle, or the handle to the cabinet right below your sink, hand towels in the kitchen are always there when you need them to quickly dry your hands off.

Grey Cheap Hand Towels

These hand towels can actually be used for more than just drying your hands, so it makes sense to always opt for higher-quality kitchen towels when you have the choice. Cheap hand towels can end up failing you in many ways down the road, and also need to be replaced much more often.

Cheap Hand Towels Should Never Be an Option

While hand towels are used to dry your hands in the kitchen, they can actually be used for quite a few more things.

Hand towels are essentially kitchen towels, making them a versatile tool to be used all throughout the kitchen, and even beyond. Kitchen towels can be used for everything from soaking up spills and messes, to holding hot plates and drying off herbs and vegetables.

Since hand towels are capable of many more demanding uses, cheap products should be avoided. Hand towels need to be washed and dried after each use, which can cause cheaper versions to unravel, fall apart, and thin out much faster.

Cheap hand towels may be, well, cheaper, but you are going to end up spending much more money in the long run since you’ll need to replace them much more often. Spending just a few more dollars on a quality set of hand towels will not only ensure better longevity, but result in a much more versatile and capable hand towels as well.

Why Our Hand Towels are Better

The Homemakers Dish hand towels are a much more higher quality of hand towel from your average set, and cost only slightly more.

We took special care to avoid all of the pitfalls of cheaper hand towels, while paying close attention to the aspects of superior kitchen hand towels.

Cars Decorated Three Hand Towels

Here are just a few reasons why our towels are the best you’ll use:

Higher Density

Our towels are made from very dense, 100% high quality cotton material, making them able to withstand hundreds of wash and dry cycles. Hand towels should be washed and dried often, and our towels can definitely hold up to it without thinning out or unraveling.

Large Size

These towels aren’t small in the least. We designed our towels in a much larger size, helping to add to the absorbency while also ensuring more use from one towel.

Soft Kitchen Towel


The quality cotton material, density, and weave design allows our towels to soak up even the biggest spills, making them just as useful for drying hands as they are cleaning up around the kitchen.

Vintage Style

We designed our towels with a vintage feel in mind. Each towel is white, but with a tasteful and vintage stripe design that comes available in five different colors. They look great in any kitchen, anywhere you hang them.

Folded Grey Kitchen Towels

Get on Track with Quality Hand Towels Today

You don’t have to put up with cheap hand towels and longer. In just a few short minutes, you can have your own set of four durable, stylish, high quality hand towels in the mail and en route right to your doorstep. Order yours today to see what you’ve been missing when using cheap towels!

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