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Using Grey Kitchen Towels for Kitchen Decoration

Decorating a home is one of the more fulfilling processes you can go through. Getting all of the aspects of your home to look exactly how you’d like can be a tedious task however, making it easy to end up overlooking certain parts of the home in the end. The kitchen is a victim of this neglect far too often.

Some people have a hard time decorating kitchens for a variety of reasons. The wall space is usually smaller, there are appliances everywhere, and a lot of busy space to consider. Sometimes a more minimalistic approach a preferred, making grey kitchen towels a prime candidate for tying it all together.

Grey, white, and black are some of the easiest colors to work with, and are naturally complimentative. Many appliances come in these colors, so using these color for decor is an easy choice to create cohesion when all is said and done. A little simplicity goes a long way.

Grey Towel Hanging Next to Cup

Kitchen Towels as Decor

Kitchen decorating causes you to be a bit more innovative and strategic with the placement of certain things, making items such as kitchen towels all the more important with subtle touches here and there.

These towels are designed to be functional, but they are highly visible when placed in various areas in the kitchen. Using mismatched kitchen towels, or busy, gaudy designs can be detrimental to you overall aesthetic, and disrupt the other colors.

Some people are quick to dismiss items such as kitchen towels when it comes to kitchen decor, but think of it like this: If you have a theme in your kitchen, or a certain color scheme, a few kitchen towels in the wrong colors strown about in the kitchen can create a disruptive and unpleasant look.

This is a longer way of saying that your towels should match the rest of the kitchen. Our greige kitchen towels make this an easy task. They are white in color, but feature a vintage striped design that offers a bit of versatile simplicity that easily blends in with the rest of your kitchen’s look.

What Can Kitchen Towels Be Used For

Kitchen towels are much more than decoration. While these towels can certainly help with your kitchen’s look in a big way, they are designed to offer a broad range of uses, covering everything from cleaning and drying to assisting with your actual cooking process.

In fact, kitchen towels are one of the most versatile items you can have on hand in a kitchen. Here is a small sample of the many uses that kitchen towels can provide when they aren’t making your kitchen look better.

Kitchen Towels in Variety of Colors


Drying Up Spills and Messes

Kitchen towels have plenty of uses, but they are most often used in cleaning up any spills or messes in and around the kitchen.

These towels are thinner and not plush like their bath towel counterparts, but they are capable of absorbing a relatively high amount of liquid. Cotton kitchen towels have the most absorbency, and are also the most soft.

Having a kitchen towel on hand enables you to be ready to clean up a cooking or prep area at a moment’s notice, or to help clean up something like a spilled glass of juice or water on the counter.

Drying Dishes

Quality kitchen towels like ours make great dish towels as well. They can be used for the actual cleaning of the dishes, or as a drying towel after they are clean. This can be especially helpful when doing large loads of dishes by hand, or when drying off dishes that might otherwise spot when dry, such as wine glasses.

Drying Vegetables and Herbs

Fresh produce and herbs generally require a rinsing before use. Kitchen towels can actually be used to help dry off the produce and herbs quickly so that you can use them immediately. You can either pat the items dry with the towel, or place them in an unfolded towel that is then closed and squeezed to get rid of water.

Other Uses

Kitchen towels have plenty of other uses as well, including covering pies and rising dough in a pan, as a stable base for cutting boards, a knife wipe, and hand towel.

Hanging Grey Kitchen Towels on Stove

Why You Should Use Our Towels for Both Decoration and Function

We believe that kitchen towels should offer the best of both worlds, so we designed kitchen towels that not only look great, but function great as well.

Timeless, Versatile Style

Our greige kitchen towels feature a simple and vintage stripe design that makes them a great asset to not just kitchens with black, white, and grey themes, but virtually any other theme as well. Your decor receives an instant upgrade as soon as you hang these towels up.

Highly Absorbent

These towels are made from 100% cotton with a very high density, making these towels among   the most absorbent you’ll encounter. They are incredibly soft, yet capable of soaking up large spills and messes.


Cheaper kitchen towels tend to leave lint all over the place once the liquid dries. This can include your counters and dishes, resulting in you having to clean them yet again. Our towels are completely lint-free, enabling you to always dry items around the kitchen without worrying about leaving a lint trail.

Larger Size

Many kitchen towels are undersized, which often results in the need to use multiple towels for one task. Our towels are on the larger end of the scale, so you can use them for more tasks, while also using less towels in the process.

Cleaning Plate with Grey Kitchen Towel

Better Functionality and Style for an Affordable Price

The Homemakers Dish Kitchen Towels make it easy to provide your kitchen with great-looking towels that can hold up through repeated uses and washings. The greige striped style is versatile for numerous color schemes, offering a simple and clean aesthetic wherever the towels are hung.

We’ve made it easy for you to obtain our towels. With just a few clicks you can get your very own four pack of our towels in the mail and on their way directly to your home.

Give your kitchen alluring style and superior functionality in just a few short days. Order your set now!

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