Hanging Kitchen Towels

Hanging Quality Kitchen Towels with a Quality Towel Hanger

If you’re familiar with kitchen towels, you probably know just how often they get used each day. Whether it’s drying hands, cleaning up a spill, or whatever else they get used for, they need to be hung somewhere when not in use.

There’s certainly no shortage of options when hanging kitchen towels. Oven doors handles, and cabinet doors are two of the more popular locations, but towel hangers allow you to hang towels practically anywhere you please.

These towel hangers provide what is often a much better solution to figuring out the placement of your kitchen towels during the day. You can also use them to make kitchen towels readily available in different locations around your kitchen.

Green Kitchen Towel Hanging on Stove

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Towel Hangers

Towel holders are certainly a handy convenience. Not all towel hangers are created equal however, just like kitchen towels can vary greatly when it comes to quality.

Cheaper towel hangers tend to break very easily, which causes more headaches than convenience. You may be happy with your towel set-up at the time, but you could eventually be dealing with a broken towel holder at a very inopportune time.

It’s always best to avoid cheap towel holders, and go for proven quality instead.

A Superior Towel Hanger for a Superior Towel

At The Homemakers Dish, we are big fans of towel hangers. We like them so much that we saw it fit to include one with each order of our towels. This provides you not only with the best quality kitchen towels you’ll ever come across, but a quality holder to hang them with as well.

Home Making Dish Towel

These towel holders make it easy to hang your towels wherever you see fit, with the assurance that comes with knowing that you have a product that is built to last.

Why Our Towels Are the Best You’ll Use

Our kitchen towels have been carefully designed to offer both exceptional design and performance in countless scenarios. This makes our towels a much better option over cheaper towels, which are known to wear down and become useless over a short amount of time.

This can result in having to buy kitchen towels far more often than you actually should. For just a few dollars more, you can instead have the highest quality of towels that you’ll come across, saving you both stress and money in the long run.

Here are a few aspects of quality kitchen towels, and why our towels meet and exceed expectations.

High Absorbency

Kitchen towels are used constantly to soak up messes and spills in the kitchen, whether they occur as part of the cooking process, or after an accident. They need to have a high level of absorbency, otherwise they are rather useless, and serve only to push the spill around without actually soaking it up.

Hanging Kitchen Dish Towel

Kitchen towels are often used as dish towels as well. This means that they need to be able to both clean dishes and also easily soak up water when drying them afterwards. Towels that absorb more allow you to get the job done faster and easier without using multiple towels at one time.

Our towels are made from quality, 100% cotton, and designed to offer a very high absorbency, making them perfect to use as a dish towel, or as your go-to towel in the kitchen when cleaning up or getting rid of spills.

Durable and Dense

Kitchen towels need to be washed and dried after nearly every use. As you can imagine, this means countless washings over time. Because of this, it’s important to have a durable towel that can withstand all of the abuse it will receive from both being used and constantly laundered.

Cheaper kitchen towels are thin, loosely-woven, and poorly-stitched. This results in the towel breaking down and coming undone more and more each time it’s washed and dried. The obvious outflow of this is the constant need to buy new towels, starting the process all over again.

Our towels are tightly woven and stitched to ensure maximum longevity and durability. They are thick, soft, and absorbent, but still tough enough to endure hundreds of washings and uses.


Lint isn’t just something that affects clothing after awhile, it can show up on lower-quality kitchen towels as well. In fact, if you use your kitchen towel as a dish towel, the lint will also show up on your dishes. This can be very unsightly and highly annoying if you’ve just gotten done cleaning a load of dishes.

Even the tiniest balls of lint can become a nuisance, and end up dried onto your dishes. If you have a kitchen towel that is shedding all over your counter and dishes, it’s time to ditch it for a better towel.

Soft Kitchen Towel

Our kitchen towels are completely lint-free, allowing you to dry whatever you want without worrying about a bunch of lint balls showing up all over everything. Whether you are using our towels right out of the box, or after numerous washing cycles, you can always be sure that they won’t leave lint behind.

Large Size

Some kitchen towels are too small. Others seem adequate in size at first, but end up shrinking after the first wash, leaving you with a small towel.

Our towels are manufactured in a larger size, allowing them to still be full-sized after they have been washed and dried — something you’ll be doing very often with them.

The size of our kitchen towels enable them to cover more surface area at one time, and also cut down on the number of towels you use.

Different Colors Homemakers Dish Towel

Experience a Quality Kitchen Towel and Hanger For Yourself

We’ve made it very easy to obtain your own set of kitchen towels complete with their own hanger. You don’t even have to leave your home. Simply click the order button, fill out some information, and you’ll have your own set of our incredible kitchen towels and matching hanger sent right to your door.

Our towels come in packs of four, and are available in five great colors of vintage-styled striping. Don’t put yourself through the stress of using cheap towels that wear down and faulty hangars that break easily. Order the Homemakers Dish Kitchen Towels today to see what a quality towel can do for you and your kitchen.

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