Chef With a Kitchen Towel

What to Look for in Chef Kitchen Towels

Chefs often work with a large variety of tools, including small and large appliances, various cookware, and of course knives. Perhaps the most used tool of a chef that gets overlooked is the chef kitchen towel. This small piece of fabric may seem like it’s just a simple and standard part of a chef’s look and repertoire, but it’s actually much more than that.

The truth is that a chef is lost without their kitchen towel. These towels are depended on for countless uses, and put through repeated abuse during every stay in the kitchen.

So what is a chef kitchen towel used for exactly? What makes a good, quality chef kitchen towel? Read on to find out more.

Uses for Chef Kitchen Towels

As we mentioned, chef kitchen towels are basically a sort of Swiss army knife in the kitchen. Their uses are practically endless depending on the scenario, but there are a few main uses that most every chef will utilize at some point.

The advantage of a chef kitchen towel comes from always having one on hand, whether it’s tucked into a front apron pocket, tied around an apron string, or folded and sitting on the side of a workspace.


This is perhaps the most obvious use. Spills are going to happen, and messes will be made. A chef always needs a clean surface and work space, so kitchen towels are depended on to provide a quick sweeping and soaking up of whatever is in the way.

Cleaning Glass with Grey Kitchen Towel

This can include accidentally spilling a sauce all over the workspace, or simply clearing off a cutting board in between different fruits and vegetables. Time matters when you are in the kitchen, and chefs shouldn’t be wasting it by running around and finding other towels to clean up the frequent messes. One quick swipe and you’re all set with a clean counter or prep area again.

Speaking of cutting boards, a chef’s knives will be in constant need of cleaning as well. No chef wants to have to constantly make trips to a sink to rinse off a knife, so a chef kitchen towel can be used instead.

Chef’s in professional restaurant settings often handle the final steps when making a dish ready for presentation and serving. A splash of sauce on the edge or an out of place piece of food on the side of the plate can ruin the aesthetic and presentation. One quick swipe with a chef’s towel can provide the proper touch-up before having the dish served.


This can actually apply to more than just a countertop or prep area. Chef’s towels can be used to both strain and dab away moisture on a variety of foods. Time is of the essence when you’re in the kitchen, and not every chef has the time to wait for certain ingredients to dry after rinsing, or use items like a salad spinner.

Leafy greens, herbs, and even vegetables like fresh-cut potatoes can all be dried with a clean chef’s towel. This can be done with dabbing, or even placing the food or herbs into an unfolded towel, which can then be gently rolled up, or even twisted and strained to squeeze out excess moisture and water.

Cleaning Plate with Grey Kitchen Towel

Chef’s towels can also be used to dry off freshly-washed dishes when in a hurry. Quality chef’s towels should be trusted to do this without leaving any lint behind.

Pot Holder

Things move at a brisk pace in a professional kitchen, and there are plenty of hot items to be handled frequently. Not every chef is going to have time to be putting an oven mitt on or grabbing a pot holder to hold hot handles on pots and pans, bakeware, and more.

Chefs can use their towel as a makeshift pot holder when they are pressed for time. This can also include handling hot plates that have been under a plate warmer, and really just about anything else that is too hot for a bare hand.

What a Chef Needs in a Kitchen Towel

Chefs in professional settings need professional kitchen towels to get the job done. There are quite a few aspects that a chef should consider when shopping for a new kitchen towel.


Chef’s kitchen towels should not be on the small side. A larger size is needed to help deal with larger messes, and give the chef more surface area to work with, which also allows the towel to be used for many different uses.

Baby Playing With Kitchen Towel

Larger towels can accommodate larger amounts of vegetables and herbs when they need to be dried, and can also be folded up in more layers to be used a potholder when needed. Chefs can even make numerous folds in the towel for cleaning off different knives.

Weave Design

Many kitchen towels come with a looser weave that is of lower quality. Chefs need tightly-woven towels for heavy kitchen use. This not only allows them to be more durable, but also enables them to be lint-free. Loosely-woven towels tend to shed after just a few uses, but tight weave designs prevent lint.

High Thread Density

Chef kitchen towels will go through hundreds of washings. Towels with a higher thread count are thicker and can withstand repeated washings without losing too much of their structure and thickness.

Why Our Towels are Perfect for Chefs on Any Level

We understand the high demands that chefs have for their kitchen towels. They are one of the most used and abused items in a kitchen, so they need to be able to both provide these uses and withstand constant use.

The Homemaker’s Dish Kitchen Towels are designed for use in the most demanding kitchens, while still maintaining an alluring and clean vintage appeal that allows them to be beneficial and complimentary to any kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

Folded Kitchen Towels

These towels are large in size, and made from 100% tightly-woven cotton that makes them both soft and durable, while also offering maximum absorbency. Chefs in any kitchen will appreciate their longevity, as well as their ability to provide countless uses and hold up to repeated washings.

Although our towels look great in any kitchen, they are designed to withstand any abuse thrown at them, while still offering lint-free performance when drying dishes and counters. Thier wrinkle resistance is an added bonus, as well as a built-in hanging loop for easier drying.

We are proud to say that we have created a kitchen towel that makes both superior performance and looks available in one package. Whether you are a professional chef, or just a hobbyist cook, you’ll love our kitchen towels, and never use any other brand ever again. Order your set of towels today to experience the difference for yourself.

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