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How Unique Kitchen Towels Help Set Your Kitchen Apart

Decorating a kitchen to your liking can sometimes be a bit difficult. Kitchens usually don’t have the same wall space that wide open spaces like living rooms and bedrooms have, and there’s also the challenge of working around large appliances, shelves, doors, and whatever else.

Since kitchen spaces are somewhat challenging, subtle details are all the more important. Items such as unique kitchen towels can go along way in helping to make your kitchen stand out, while creating a cohesive look.

These towels can be placed in strategic locations throughout the kitchen for both function and aesthetics. When the colors are right, kitchen towels can work to tie the kitchen decor together and push the style of your kitchen over the top.

Woman Cleaning Kitchen Counter with Kitchen Towel

Personalized Kitchen Towel Designs

It may be tempting to try to find kitchen towels with highly personalized and elaborate designs to create a more custom and unique look. This is certainly understandable, but these towel designs are actually a hindrance most of the time. Sometimes it’s better to just go with a more simple and chic design.

Simple patterns and solid colors are much easier to fit in with the rest of your kitchen decor, helping foster better cohesion. Kitchen towels are meant to be the centerpiece, but rather a compliment to the rest of the decor. Keeping it simple and clean creates a better look.

Subtle, Vintage Style

The Homemakers Dish kitchen towels feature a timeless vintage style that easily blends in and compliments most any decor. Our towels are white with an alluring vintage stripe pattern that provides just the right amount of color and texture to your kitchen.

The simple and clean look of our towels allows them to blend in while still creating some extra attention and cohesiveness to the the kitchen space. We even include a towel hanger that allows you to position the towels anywhere you’d like.

Hang them from an oven door handle, cabinet handles, or the hanger themselves. The color and pattern make them versatile and appealing to just about any taste, and certainly any style of kitchen.

We have an affinity for a more classic look because we believe that it’s easier to decorate with, Most elaborate and trendy designs tend to go out of style rather quickly, but these towels feature a timeless style that will always look clean and fresh.

Woman Playing with Baby Using Kitchen Towel

More Than Just Decoration

While we are firm believers that kitchen towels should be an asset to the look of your kitchen, we also believe that they should be an asset to all the things that you do in the kitchen.

Our towels are definitely great to decorate your kitchen with, but they also happen to be the best kitchen towels you’ll ever own. We designed them to both look great and function better than any other kitchen towels you’ve ever used.

Kitchen towels are actually one of the most used items you can have in a kitchen, so it makes sense that the towels should provide both decoration and countless uses. Ours excel at both, and here’s why.



The most common use of kitchen towels involves cleaning up all kinds of spills and messes, whether you are in the middle of cooking a meal for six, or if your child just knocked over a glass of milk right before you are supposed to take him to school.

We use 100% high-quality cotton in our kitchen towels while also making them with a high density. This allows the towels to be very absorbent, and easily take on whatever messes and spills befall your kitchen, anytime. Simply soak up the mess, toss the towel into the washing machine, and it’s as good as new in an hour or two.

Our kitchen towels also double as dish towels, so you have a much better way to both wash and dry your dishes by hand when the need arises. It’s very typical to need just one of our towels to dry off an average load of clean dishes.

Cleaning Dishes with Kitchen Towel


Kitchen towels get washed a lot. In fact, they need to be washed after most every use. Kitchen towels need to be durable enough to withstand all things they are used for, but they also need to be able to hold up through repeated washings.

Our towels are tightly woven and expertly stitched, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. Cheaper kitchen towels begin to fall apart and thin out after one or two wash cycles, but ours are made to withstand hundreds of washes. These towels are truly in it for the long haul.


If you’ve ever used a lower quality of dish towel before, you’ve probably noticed that the towel leaves lint behind, whether it’s on countertops, dishes, or glasses. This kind of defeats the purpose of cleaning something in the first place, and makes the towel totally unusable as a dish towel.

Our towels are completely lint-free thank to the quality of both the cotton and the design of the towel itself. You can use them time and time again without worrying about leaving a trail behind.

Large Size

We really don’t see a point in using small kitchen towels. We’ve intentionally made our towels on the larger end of the spectrum, allowing more surface area to work with, even after the towel has shrunk after its first laundering.


Many other brands of kitchen towels seem big enough at first, but soon begin to shrink more every time you wash them. Ours are just right after a cycle or two.

Dish Kitchen Towels

Make Your Kitchen More Unique and Functional with Our Towels

We’ve made it easy to acquire kitchen towels that truly offer the full package of both aesthetics and performance. With just a few clicks, you can have your very own set of The Homemakers Dish kitchen towels sent right to your home, ready to use.

Each set includes four of our amazing towels, as well as a free towel hanger and free download of our very helpful e-book ““The 5 Lies Homemakers Tell Themselves.” Order Your set today, and see and experience the difference our towels can make for your kitchen!

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