Dirty Dishes in Sink

What are the Marks of a Good Dish Towel

If you prefer to wash your dishes by hand, or if you have plenty of dishes that require hand washing, you know the importance of using a dish towel. These towels help to both clean off the dish in the sink, as well as dry the dishes when you are done.

Every kitchen needs a dish towel, even if you rely on a dishwasher most of the time. Having dish towels around enables you to quickly wash and dry off items such as wine glasses and china, especially when you are in a hurry. They can also be used for quite a few other things around the kitchen as well.

What to Look for in Dish Towels

There are a few factors in particular that you should be mindful of when shopping for new dish towels.

High Absorbency

This is likely the most important. Drying dishes with a towel involves drying up a lot of excess moisture, so if you’re using a cheaper towel that is thin and less absorbent, you are going to have a rather difficult time getting the task done. You’ll probably find yourself going through multiple towels while you dry as well.

Cleaning Glass with Grey Kitchen Towel

The best dish towels are ones that can absorb a high amount of water, making both the drying easier and allowing you to use less towels while you dry. Thick cotton dish towels with a higher thread count tend to be more absorbent than other dish towel materials, such as linen.


This is an absolute must. If your dish towels leave lint all over your clean dishes, you’ve done all that work for nothing. Clean dishes with lint balls stuck to them are very unsightly, and can be embarrassing when you have company over.

Cheaper dish towels are thin, and have loosely woven fabric that balls up easily after just a few uses or washes. You may save a bit of money with these towels, but you’ll be dealing with plenty of annoying issues as a result, and likely find yourself having to buy new ones much more often.

Why Our Dish Towels Are the Perfect Ally in Your Kitchen

Simply put, it’s just not worth it to buy cheap dish towels. For just a few dollars more, you can acquire a high-quality set of dish towels that offer thousands of uses, and are also versatile enough to use as general kitchen towels.

Kitchen Towels in Variety of Colors

The Homemakers Dish Kitchen Towels are made from quality, 100% cotton that is thick enough to tackle any drying task you have with ease. The tightly-woven and thick fabric allows you to dry dishes much easier, resulting in less towels used when doing so.

Our towels are totally lint-free, giving you peace of mind every time you use them to dry. No more worrying about lint balls all over your dishes! The quality of our fabric also means that you’ll have these towels for a long time, and get years of use out of them.

Did we mention that they look great too? Our kitchen towels feature a vintage stripe design, and are available in five different colors, making it easy to find one perfect for your kitchen’s decor.

Folded Kitchen Towels

Experience for yourself the difference that a high-quality, great-looking dish towel makes for all of your dish cleaning needs in the kitchen. Order today to get a matching set of four of our amazing dish towels sent right to your door!

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